About Us

Being an international supplier of Indian handmade productsaround the globe for many years, we were always thinking why can’t we supply same level of quality and craftsmanship to our Indian customers. While visitingto top most International business and trade fairs such as Las Vegas Show USA, Maison &Object Paris, Top Drawer London, Birmingham etc. for almost16 years this burning desire motivated usenough to launch ourown unique brand named Q4Home::fusion of Western Designs with Indian craftsmanship.

Here we are promoting truly Made in India concept. In simple terms it is all aboutcreating products at Artisan level but final finishing is given by expert and experienced team. We at Q4Home are committed to make sure each product is developed by Indian artisans using Indian raw material andcrafted with Indian techniques. However, some modern techniques and machines are also used with necessary imported chemicals to ensure world class finished look to the product.

The idea behind Q4Home concept is not only to sell products, but also to spread awareness of Indian workmanship, building close bonding and association with our old aged techniques and to show the level of attention to details of our artisans and their craftsmanship.

Our endeavour here, is to introduce products at a luxury level but same time customers are requested to consider that all products are made by careful hands of our artisans.

Keep visiting, Keep shopping and Keep motivating us, Thanks